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Covid-19 Update

Dear Tollesbury,

Hope you are all managing now that we are around six weeks into the lockdown. Everyone seems to have responded well to the new circumstances we find ourselves in, if the careful queuing outside shops and distancing as we pass on pavements is anything to go by.

That does not mean it is all easy, and the Tolls Vols are still very active supporting people in different ways. Please use one of the three contact numbers 07934 723187, 07716 955338 or 07934 716351 to ask for any help you might need – there is no limit to the number of people they can help.

The Parish Council has adapted to ensure that its meetings can continue, using Zoom, the digital conferencing app. This allows for the village to attend meetings, comment on any item on the agenda and then listen to the debate of the Councillors as before. The agenda is published on our website www.tollesburyparishcouncil.gov.uk, so if you want to take part please contact Michelle Curtis, the Parish Clerk, who will invite you to the meeting by email (giving you the link in). If you haven’t used Zoom before it is straightforward and if you contact Michelle prior to the meeting she will talk you through it. If you would like to meet an individual Councillor on a particular matter, then again Michelle can organise for this to happen via Zoom.

Continued thanks go to the various shops and the Pharmacy, for their support of the village.

It seems hard to look around and notice that we are moving from spring to summer. The village and the walks that surround it are more beautiful than ever, and the only plus side of the current situation is to have some more time to observe these changes – and to hear the birds.

Please stay safe and use the Tolls Vols network if you need to. Do keep an eye on Parish Council matters and join us in a meeting if you would like to.

Simon Plater
Chair, Tollesbury Parish Council

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