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Opportunity: Young people in Tollesbury

This year a few of us have arranged for the Blue Mermaid Charity (“seachangesailingtrust”) Youth Sailing scheme to extend an opportunity to young people living in our village.

A seagoing trip will run from Tuesday 23rd August with young people (minimum age 14) joining the barge at 0830 in Heybridge, to Wednesday 31 August, finishing at 1600 also in Heybridge.

It will be a small group of young people, and they would be very pleased to include two young people from Tollesbury in this voyage at a price of £15 per day.

This works out as 9 days = £135 per person. If we had more than two young people who would like to join the voyage it would be possible to split their time on board so that two did the first half of the voyage and then they would swap over so that two more could join.

The two joining/leaving in the second half would have to be able to travel to a suitable location on the Essex or Suffolk coastline during the voyage.

Trustees of the Tailler Charity have agreed to offer bursaries to cover the voyage cost, so every young person in the village has an equal opportunity to apply.

Minimum age 14.

If you would like to take part, or you know someone who would, please notify me, via:


Applications will be considered in the order received.

Many thanks, please spread the word!!


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