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Parish Annual Assembly 5th May 2021

“For every parish there shall be a parish meeting for the purpose of discussing parish affairs and exercising any functions conferred on such meetings by any enactment…”
The Parish Annual Assembly is YOUR opportunity to raise any matters of concern about YOUR parish.

Tollesbury Climate Crisis Partnership: ‘Think global, Act local’

As we think about how the climate crisis will affect those of us living in coastal communities, there is a growing understanding that we are all affected. Reducing CO2 emissions is the chief priority globally, but what else must be done locally in the short and medium term?

Youthful Adventures – “It takes a village to raise a child”

These are frustrating and challenging times for everyone! We cannot take part in our usual recreation, meet for club activities or play sport to let off steam.

Woodup Pool August Update

The Parish Council met on Tuesday 4th August to consider re-opening the amenity pool and came to the decision that we are unable to open the pool for the following reasons.

We had consulted our Risk Assessment professional advisors, Link Into Leisure, (who we use for our insurances purposes), and their strong advice was not to open the pool at all this season. Maldon District Council Environmental Health Department have confirmed that they regard this as the right decision.
We did spend time looking at ways to safely re-open (e.g. by employing staff) but this was not viable – we had not got sufficient unallocated funds in this year’s budget to provide the COVID secure facility we would need.

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