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Tollesbury Climate Crisis Partnership: ‘Think global, Act local’


“Climate action simply cannot wait – it is the responsibility of every organisation and resident in Essex to do our part to help ensure the County has a bright and green future”. Essex Climate Action Commission Interim Report.

As we think about how the climate crisis will affect those of us living in coastal communities, there is a growing understanding that we are all affected. Reducing CO2 emissions is the chief priority globally, but what else must be done locally in the short and medium term?

Action is needed, acting together for the good of all. Tollesbury Parish Council are considering setting up a local Partnership to come up with ideas and organise for measures we can adopt individually and as a community; and to plan for the future of the village in the light of the predicted changes and impacts.

Everyone can help to secure a sustainable future – especially for our children and grandchildren: whether we go out on the water, use the sea wall to walk, want to encourage biodiversity, care for the birds and other wildlife whose natural environment is being affected by weather and tidal changes, want to reduce our personal carbon footprint and encourage businesses to reduce theirs, or live or work within a potential flood plain.

Strategic issues (such as neighbourhood planning, drainage, sewage, sustainability, sea defences, marine assets and wildlife conservation) already benefit from collaboration between councils, agencies, expert bodies and local landowners. That work is ongoing – the Parish Council will continue to be involved in various ways.

Meanwhile, can we do more about: decarbonising; green energy; insulation grants; transport efficiency; electric vehicles; coordinated deliveries, counting food miles; local trading and up-cycling; and recycle – reuse – reduce? And develop our collective awareness about some big picture choices and consequences: nourishment and diet; water quality and marine life; soil quality and sustainable land use?

What steps can we take in the village on these and other priorities? What can we learn from each other? What good examples from elsewhere can we adopt? What do our young people want to see done? What new plans should we be considering? What messages should the Parish Council take onboard from residents? What outcomes can we influence?

We would like to hold a gathering of everyone interested. It will be an opportunity to hear ideas, pool knowledge and exchange views. We would also like to hear from residents willing to volunteer to contribute their experience, expertise or skills and especially from those (of all ages) prepared to give their time and energy to help to lead the Partnership. ‘Think Global, Act local’.

For background see ECC Essex Climate Action Interim Report: www.essex.gov.uk/climate-action

Please let us know if you would like to hear more at an initial evening meeting on Zoom: 01621 869 039, tollesburypc@btinternet.com or Tollesbury Parish Council website – contact page.

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